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Revitalizing Signage: From Outdated to Modern


Colorado Sign Fabricators recently embarked on a project to retrofit an outdated monument sign with a sleek, modern alternative. In this blog post, we will take you through the journey of this remarkable sign transformation.

The Challenge:

Our task was to rejuvenate an outdated monument sign that no longer aligned with the client’s vision. Our mission was clear—to modernize the existing sign and install a visually appealing, contemporary monument that would leave a positive impact on visitors.

The Planning and Installation:

Through close collaboration with the client, we meticulously planned the renovation project. Once the planning stage was complete, our team skillfully upgraded the old monument sign and installed the new elements. The modern design featured clean lines and a wood-finish aesthetic, seamlessly blending modern elements with the surrounding environment. We also incorporated lighting to enhance visibility, ensuring the sign stood out day and night.

The Transformation:

The final outcome was truly remarkable. The outdated monument sign underwent a transformation, being upgraded to a sleek, modern alternative that perfectly represented the business’s image in a contemporary manner. The client was thrilled with the result, recognizing the significant positive impact the new sign would have on their brand and the overall customer experience.

Final Thoughts…

At Colorado Sign Fabricators, we take great pride in breathing new life into outdated signage. Our recent project involved the modernization of an outdated monument sign, replacing it with a fresh and stylish alternative. Through careful planning and expert installation, we successfully revitalized the entrance, creating a visually captivating focal point. Trust Colorado Sign Fabricators to bring your signage vision to life and make a lasting impression.

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